Moccamaster KBG Select – Off White


Moccamaster coffee machines are popular around the world and are known as the best filter coffee machines in the world. Of course, this did not happen overnight. All Moccamaster coffee machines are still handcrafted in Holland as they were 45 years ago and every single coffee machine is individually tested by Technivorm.

Why a Moccamaster coffee maker?
Meets all requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Center
High quality copper heating element
Handmade – of the highest quality
Very quiet and quick preparation
Every single coffee machine is checked individually
Timeless design and high quality materials
5 year guarantee

Why is the brewing temperature and brewing time so important?
At a temperature of 92 º – 96 º C, the solids are dissolved and the right taste and aroma extracted. This creates a good balance between sweetness and bitterness.
Why is the temperature so important after the brewing process?
The coffee tastes best at a temperature between 80 º – 85 º C. The coffee should not be heated any further after the brewing process, as this will develop undesirable aromas. The coffee should not be kept warm for more than an hour after brewing.

Why is fresh coffee so important?
Ground coffee attracts air, taste and moisture. The fresher the grind, the better the coffee. It is a very short way from the bean to the cup of filter coffee!


Includes 16% MwSt. / VAT
 Delivery Time: ca. 10 Werktage